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Find Your Drive
Within every one of us lies a unique purpose—a passion that only you can fulfill. This summer, more than ever, it’s time to take to the road and find that drive. Bid farewell to cancelled plans and “what ifs” and let’s truly indulge in the moments that make life extraordinary. Because right now, nothing stands between you and a summer full of possibility.

Meet the ambassadors
Dean Unglert
Dean is no stranger to the open road. For years he’s embraced #vanlife as an opportunity to turn any view into his front yard.

This summer, he's putting you in the passenger seat of his journey to show what it takes to call the road home.
Explore with Dean Unglert
Meet the ambassadors
The Hambrick Family
Wanderlust runs in this family. The Hambricks are embarking on a journey this summer to redefine the family road trip.

Tag along to inspire your own memory-making and get tried and true tips for your travel.
Explore with the Hambrick Family
Meet the ambassadors
Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Caelynn knows that the best things in life are worth pursuing. That's why she has jumped at every opportunity to follow her heart and her sense of adventure.

Join her on her journey to see where a free spirit can take you this summer.
Explore with Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Meet the ambassadors
Tiffany Nguyen
Behind every great photo is someone driven to make it possible. Tiffany’s mission is to share her inspiration to encourage others to get outside and create their own adventures.

Follow along to immerse yourself in breathtaking views and the passion it takes to capture them.
Explore with Tiffany Nguyen
Find the destination and route
Do you love hiking? Surfing? Neither? Both?! Finding the right destination and stops is the most important step of your unforgettable road trip.
Ready the car and pack up
Before you hit the road, make sure to get yourself and your car ready. Check to see if your engine is due for service and go through your packing list to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
Plan for the unexpected
Anything can happen on a road trip, so it’s important to be ready. Bring extra games, rain jackets and anything else you could possibly need to make sure the journey goes as smoothly as possible.
Relive the memories
Take pictures. And then take some more. You’ll want a way to look back at every hike, every laugh and every memory you made on your trip.
Adventure Awaits
Now's the time to gear up and get back out there.
Start your road trip prep with tips from the pros to get your vehicle ready for the ride.
Learn more
Keep your trip on track with some inspiration and resources for the road.
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Explore the Possibilities
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park
Spend time on
the water
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Sedona, Arizona
Own the
Learn more
Grand Canyon National Park
Experience the
great outdoors
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Share your Drive
Tag your summer road trip pics with #mobil1roadtrip to be featured on our page.